Volunteer on an AMIGOS Trip

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If you are not an eye doctor, but would like to volunteer as either an optometry student or a non-medical general helper, you must first become an AMIGOS Member. AMIGOS membership is open to everyone. Eye doctors do not require membership to join an AMIGOS trip.

The AMIGOS program is extremely popular among optometry students and faculty at Pacific University’s College of Optometry; therefore, merely becoming an AMIGOS Member does not necessarily guarantee a spot on the trip of your choice. Preference is given to those who can speak Spanish, who have shown the greatest interest, and who have provided support to the organization through volunteering their time, abilities, or resources to help further the organization’s mission.

Becoming an AMIGOS Member

For information on becoming an AMIGOS Member, please contact us

Trip Selection Meetings

To go on an AMIGOS Eye Care trip, AMIGOS Members must attend the trip selection meeting for the trip in which they are interested. At these meetings, members are selected based on their involvement with the organization.

AMIGOS Members may login to view current AMIGOS Points Standings.