AMIGOS Members may login using the AMIGOS Member username & password provided at the start of the academic year. The username and password changes yearly. If you are a current AMIGOS Member and have forgotten the password, please contact us.

Logging in allows members to view their AMIGOS Points or view events and activities where AMIGOS Points can be earned.

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We ask that AMIGOS Members not share the username & password. This is to protect the idenities of fellow AMIGOS Members from website visitors not affiliated with Pacific University, as well as to prevent abuse of member-specific pages.

If you have forgotten the AMIGOS Member username & password, please contact the AMIGOS student leadership at:

What Are AMIGOS Points?

The AMIGOS program at Pacific University's College of Optometry is extremely popular among students. AMIGOS Points are a way to recognize student volunteer involvement with the AMIGOS program. More time spent volunteering for the organization grants more AMIGOS Points. In the event that more students apply to participate in a given AMIGOS trip than there are spots available, the students with the most AMIGOS Points are given preference. If a student does not participate on a trip, their AMIGOS Points carry over to the next academic year.