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AMIGOS Eye Care is an Oregon state 501(3)C non-profit organization. The AMIGOS Board of Directors is comprised of Doctors of Optometry (a minimum of 3 at any time). Officer positions are filled by the AMIGOS Eye Care PUCO student leadership.

For more information, view the AMIGOS Eye Care Bylaws.​

Student Board Members

Officer Position

Current Officer


Rachel Bush



Rachel Osmundson



Becca MacDow




Chi Nguyen



Morgan Thomsen

Eye Ball Chair


Allison Gruwell

Eye Ball Co-Chair


Alaina Jacobsen

Eyeglass Coordinator


Kyara Farinella

Eyeglass Coordinator Elect


Kirstin Stayer

Equipment Representative


Ross Carley

Equipment Representative-Elect


Kaylan Phillips

Historian/Public Relations Officer


Erica Lei

Fundraising Coordinator


Katie Thomas

Fundraising Coordinator Elect


Bianca Mendoza

First-Year Representative



Board Members

James Kundart (Chair)

Ann Edmonds

Lisette Romig

Scott Pike

Craig Bowen

Caroline Ooley

Susan Littlefield

Christi Closson

Wally Walker

John Lowery



AMIGOS has it own 501(3)C status under the State of Oregon; however, as the group is comprised of students and doctors of Pacific University College of Optometry, it will remain strongly affiliated with Pacific University. AMIGOS will continue to work closely with Pacific University in order to effectively carry out its primary mission of humanitarian eye care as well as its secondary mission of service learning for optometry students.

Well over 1,000 alumni of Pacific University College of Optometry have been members of AMIGOS and as such, have contributed to and benefited from the rich experience that AMIGOS makes possible. Certain privileges and obligations accompany this unique relationship.

National Non-Profit Listings

View the national listings for AMIGOS Eye Care. Please note that AMIGOS Eye Care does not maintain profile information on these sites. As a result, much of the profile information is incomplete or outdated. These sites are useful only for validating AMIGOS Eye Care non-profit status, as well as viewing publicly available financial information (IRS Form 990’s).